IMT Lucca and the Renmin University of China sign a collaboration agreement for the establishment of a Renaissance Studies Center

9 luglio 2015
The agreement, signed on July 8th 2015 in Florence by both research universities, establishes the creation of a Renaissance Studies Center. Based at the RUC headquarters in Beijing, the Center - with IMT Lucca as a core partner - will carry out activities such as scientific research; the organization of courses, seminars and conferences, exhibitions and artistic demonstrations. The Renaissance Studies Center's activities, and in particular the organization of the different courses, will be coordinated by Prof. Emanuele Pellegrini of IMT Lucca and Prof. Gerardo de Simone of the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara and Prof. Ding Fang. Benefits to the IMT scientific community include the possibility of research and study trips to the Center, participation in the courses offered by the Center and the joint supervision of doctoral theses.