Emanuele Pellegrini and Mirco Tribastone joined IMT as Associate Professors

21 gennaio 2015
IMT Lucca is very happy to welcome Emanuele Pellegrini as Associate Professor in Art History, and Mirco Tribastone as Associate Professor in Computer Science. Prof. Pellegrini graduated in 1999 at the University of Pisa, where he earned his Research PhD in 2005 and the specialization in history of Normale Superiore in Pisa, University of Udine (FIRB project), Ca?Foscari, University of Venice (researcher). His research topics focus on history of literature on art (eighteenth-twentieth century); history ofis the director of the international peer reviewed magazine ?Predella. Journal of Visual Arts"(http://predella. it), published both on line (since 2001) and on paper (since 2010). He is Visiting Professor at Renmin University, Beijing, University of Siena (Scuola di Specializzazione), and Chercheur invité at INHA Paris (May-June 2015). He is member of the scientific board of Fondazione Ragghianti in Lucca, founder and permanent member of the direction of the website Patrimonio SOS (www.patrimoniosos.it, established in 2002). Prior to joining the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton as Associate Professor, Prof. Tribastone was Assistant Professor at the Department for Informatics of Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. He earned his Ph.D. at the School of Informatics of Edinburgh University. His principal interests are in modelling and quantitative evaluation, with emphasis on scalable forms of analysis for large-scale systems. His theoretical interests are coupled with their pragmatic applicability, as he is the lead developer of the PEPA Eclipse Plug-in Project, a software tool which supports a range of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods for stochastic process algebra. Currently, he is principal investigator in the EU project Quanticol, and in the projects FEMPA and DAPS supported by the German Research Foundation DFG.