DOLFINS project, presented by Prof. Guido Caldarelli, has been financed within H2020 programme, starting from March 2015

20 novembre 2014
"DOLFINS - Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society", with the slogan "Re-empower citizenship", is a european project guided by FETPROACT1 2014 Call - Global Systems Science (GSS) - a total grant of 350.000 euros for 3 years, starting March 2015 and closing February 2018. DOLFINS addresses the global challenge of making the financial system better serve society by placing scientific evidence and citizens and interconnected policy areas that shape the public debate in the coming years: how to achieve financial stability and how to facilitate the long-term investments required by the transition to a more sustainable, crucial advances in reshaping the policy process to overcome the financial and political crisis currently faced by the EU.