Matteo Caruso

Caruso is IMT Ph.D. Researcher since 2016 in Economics, Management and Data Sciences. Furthermore he's member of the Research Unit  AXES, and collaborates with physicists of the NETWORKS Research Unit.

His main interests are in Quantitative Logical Model for Social Sciences, following the American School of Rein Taagepera J.Colomer and B.Grofman, implementing those models. Particularly he interests in physical model application to political sciences, electoral simulation, electoral systems and game theory  .cabinet stability, electoral systems, causal inference, statistics, behavioural finance, econometrics, time series analysis, political economy (wealth inequality). 

The main discovered have been in the identification of news concentration indexes, mainly the Gini one, which better can describe the Party system concentration as well the wealth distribution ( The innovative Electoral Simulations and Party competition ( The optimal Electoral System for Italy has been proposed at the SISP conference in 2017 (

Caruso taught at LUISS for the Program Academic Gym and summer schools since 2015, moreover collaborates as tutor with the prof. L.Risorto.  


Caruso won also several Public Calls for Phd in Italy (Torino – Istituto Carlo Alberto, Perugia, Roma Sapienza, Milano Bocconi) and also in Florida with a Fulbright full scholarship. He’s Master of Research at EUI (Florence) with a 1% admission rate, attended in a Phd track with grant and tuition waiver and achieved in 2016, on the cabinet stability. Both his master and bachelor degree have been awarded with laude at Luiss University on the end of Electoral System Arbitraries (, and the last one on the Optimal Electoral System, with an Italian application under the supervision of prof. Roberto D'Alimonte.

Has been electoral consultant for the “Confindustia giovani” association. Also won two proposals on sustainability at the International Forum “Biennale Democrazia” organized by Gustavo Zagrebelsky In March 2010.