Lorenzo Stella

I'm a PhD student at IMT in the track of Computer, Decision and Systems Science, XXVIII cycle.

I graduated from University of Florence where I obtained my BSc in October 2008, with thesis "Numerical methods in Linear Algebra with applications to Google’s Pagerank", and later in April 2011 my MSc with thesis "Efficient methods for the numerical solution of Hamiltonian problems". Both works were conducted under the supervision of Prof. Luigi Brugnano (http://web.math.unifi.it/users/brugnano/).

In 2011-2012 I was Research Assistant at COSBI (http://www.cosbi.eu) where I worked on the analysis and simulation of stochastic models in systems biology (PK/PD, metabolic networks) and the inference and analysis of gene regulatory networks.

Since February 2013 I'm a PhD student at IMT.

My personal webpage

ForBES - Generic and efficient MATLAB solver for nonsmooth convex optimization problems

ForBES - GitHub repository