Visual archives and women's role in photography (1839-1939)

Titolo in italiano: Archivi visuali e ruolo delle donne nel settore fotografico (1839-1939) 

1 Research Collaborator position
(Deadline February 9th, 2024 13:00 )


Analysis and management of photographic heritage (archives); history and theory of photography (1839-1939); description and cataloguing of photographic material;  women's history (in the photographic field)



The candidate will be employed as a research collaborator in the project "Fotografiste: Women in Photography in Italian Archives, 1839-1939" (PRIN: PROGETTI DI RICERCA DI RILEVANTE INTERESSE NAZIONALE – Bando 2022 PNRR Prot. P2022TR5BH). This project is aimed at giving visibility to women in photography during the first one hundred years of photographic history by retrieving their identities and stories from selected and scarcely accessible Italian photographic archives.
The research will be carried out within the research unit LYNX Center for the Interdisciplinary Analysis of Images, Contexts, Cultural Heritage. The research collaborator will have to demonstrate excellent knowledge, both historical-theoretical and practical, on the practices of description, cataloguing and digitisation of photographic material, on the theory and history of photography, as well as on issues related to the analysis and valorisation of cultural heritage related to photography. Due to the needs of the project, knowledge of the archives of the Tuscan territory and in particular of Lucca will be a preferential requirement. The research collaborator must also demonstrate adequate knowledge of the main perspectives of analysis and research of gender studies applied to the photographic heritage. The assignee must demonstrate an excellent knowledge of both spoken and written English.



- Research in photographic and historical archives that preserve information on the presence of women in the photographic sector (1839-1939);
- Construction and implementation of database dedicated to the presence of women in photography (1839-1939);
- Description and cataloguing of photographic material;
- Creation of new archival series;
- Drafting of guidelines and proposals for the integration of archival standards in relation to gender studies;
- Planning and implementation of training courses for professionals working in the archival sector;
- Design and implementation of public engagement activities;
- Content creation for the project website;
- Publication activities related to the themes of the call for proposals;
- Participation and/or organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops related to the themes of the call.

Formal requirements


  • PhD or equivalent foreign qualification in subjects related to the subject of the call for applications;
  • Suitable scientific curriculum for conducting research activities;
  • Excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English and Italian.
Specific requirements


  • Previous experience in the creation of databases for the description and cataloguing of photographic heritage;
  • Knowledge of archival standards for describing and cataloguing photographic heritage;
  • Previous experience in describing and cataloguing photographic material;
  • Previous research experience in the management and valorisation of photographic heritage (in public and/or private organisations, museums, galleries);
  • Previous experience in organising events related to the valorisation of photographic and cultural heritage;
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of cultural heritage protection and valorisation;
  • Previous experience in researching archives and the history of photography in relation to gender studies;
  • Previous experience in archival research in the Tuscan territory;
  • Ability to work in an interdisciplinary and project context.

12 months, renewable




Gross amount

24.300 € per year


PRIN 2022 PNRR “Fotografiste:' Women in Photography in Italian Archives, 1839-1939” (codice UGOV: P0316; Codice MUR: P2022TR5BH; CUP: D53D23019850001)

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Apply ONLINE only.
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  • Number of your Identity Document (Passport or Identity Card) (compulsory)
  • University degree and ongoing PhD (compulsory)


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