Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Organization Management (RTT)

1 Assistant Professor position
(Deadline May 9th, 2024 13:00 )

This tenure-track Researcher/Researcher (RTT) position in Business Organization applied in Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries was foreseen in the Economic and Digital Resilience Project (RED) in the context of the Italian Program for Departments of Excellence 2023-2027. It is characterized by its strong interdisciplinary character, since through the dimension of organization and management in the large field of Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries, macro-environments that rarely dialogue at the level of research and education are brought together. This figure will strengthen the key, cross-cutting competencies within the IMT School, as well as collaborations between different competency areas present at the School, particularly in the LYNX Research Unit, integrating profiles traditionally related to Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Technologies and innovative methods of data analysis.

This figure will collaborate in the development of the research lines of the RED project, both for existing activities at the School and for future activities, in the context of projects that integrate skills related to the organization and management of cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries, with those of economics, computer science and organization in relation especially to aspects such as economic, social and cultural sustainability, socio-economic impact studies, change in the professions of creativity, the application of new technologies and methods of data analysis and restitution, and the impact of digitalization and innovation on organizations. The candidate's activities will hinge mainly in the field of organization and management applied to the Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries sector.

This profile will therefore allow to rafforce already active research topics such as professions and skills in Cultural and Creative Heritage Industries, museums and institutions, organizational models in the cultural sector, the relationship between management models and legislation, and the impact of digitization and innovation in these sectors in terms of sustainability and resilience of individuals, institutions and territories. In education, the researcher/researcher will contribute to the Doctoral Programs in Cultural Systems (curriculum in Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage - AMCH and Museum Studies - MUST), in Management of Digital Transformation (MDT) and the National Doctorate in Heritage Science.



The research activity is to be carried out in relation to the Economic and Digital Resilience (RED) project and the activities of the Open Lab (https://openlab.imtlucca.it), including through collaboration with participating researchers and researchers, as well as in the context of the LYNX Research Unit.

Research activities concern issues and projects related to Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries, with specific attention to an integrated approach to data analysis and restitution, regulatory, curatorial and institutional profiles, aspects related to accessibility and sustainability, as well as studies on cultural heritage audiences and cultural production markets. Related topics are territorial branding, socio-economic impact studies of temporary and permanent cultural initiatives, socio-economic sustainability of organizations in the areas of Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries in the face of digitization and globalization processes, and changing professions in the relevant fields.


Teaching activities will mainly take place within the framework of the Doctoral Programs in Cultural Systems (Curriculum in AMCH and MUST), Management of Digital Transformation, National Doctorate in Heritage Science, and possibly the joint Master's degree programs being activated. It will cover organizational and managerial aspects within organizations in the field of Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries. Teaching activities include supervision of doctoral students, regarding both doctoral projects directly related to the field of organization and organizational and managerial aspects of doctoral research related to other fields.


The candidate will integrate with his/her expertise the third mission and technology and methodology transfer activities of the RED project, the LYNX Research Unit and the IMT School as a whole. In particular, he/she will be called upon to participate in collaborative projects with external entities (such as companies, museums, institutions). The candidate will also be a promoter/promoter of new projects and collaborations with the most important stakeholders at the territorial, national and international level, positioning him/herself as a bridging resource between different and distant disciplinary fields, on highly topical issues contributing to the realization of the interdisciplinarity that is at the heart of the interests of the School and of the main actors, institutional and private, in the areas of Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries.

Formal requirements

PhD in Organization, Management or in the areas of Cultural Heritage

Gross amount

Ricercatore tempo determinato (legge 240/2010 art. 24) elevato del 20%


6 years


SECS-P/10 Organizzazione Aziendale

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Job Contract Type: 
Tempo Determinato - Fixed term position
Full call


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Selection Criteria

The evaluation criteria are based on: Quality of research activity, including publications in peer-reviewed journals and references; Research organization experience and participation in international/national research projects and research periods in public and private institutions (academic and non-academic); Relevance of the candidate's profile for the development of IMT's research activities; Teaching, mentoring and supervision experience; Motivation; Excellent knowledge of English, both written and spoken; As well as any other requirements as specified in the advertisement.


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