Simulation and Analysis of Computational Models of Socio-Economic activity at global scale

1 Visiting Professor position
(Deadline January 10th, 2017 12:00 )

Networks, Statistical Phyics, Computational Social Science


Research activity in the following field: Data plays an ever increasing role in every aspect of our daily lives – what we buy, who we see, where we go, what we like, etc. This avalanche of human driven data has open forth the floodgates of what is possible to do in social science. Questions that have historically been addressed by relying on surveys and questionaries accessible only to a few people can now be studying by relying on the behavior of tens of millions of individuals. Right at the intersection of Computer Science, Physics, Statistics and Social Sciences, the emerging field of computational social science uses large-scale demographic, behavioral and network data to investigate human activity and relationships to study social and economical relationships. The candidate should create a geographically based software to collect data and create agent-based simulations. Supervising research activity of PhDs and conducting research seminars.


The candidate should be able to work with large amount of data and have expertise in the modelling of techno social activities of agents. We
require also knowledge of Statistical Physics modeling and theory of Complex Networks. The ideal candidate should also have knowledge of
Computer Science and platform designing.

Formal requirements

The candidate must have a curriculum with a suitable scientific background for carrying out research activity, a PhD degree affine to the required field  and an excellent knowledge of English, both written and spoken.

Specific requirements

Proven experience in the field of complex Networks and specifically in the simulation of large scale dynamical models of agents activity. Experience in Big Data Analysis.


COEGSS - Center of Excellence for Global Systems Science

Gross amount

25.000 euro


1 year

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Job Contract Type: 
Contratto di lavoro autonomo


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