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1 Research Project Grant position
(Deadline February 16th, 2018 12:00 )

Participation in the research activities of the Research Project ‘Business Performance and Management Science’ related to the investigation of the behavioral and neural correlates of consumers' response to marketing stimuli. The research project will engage the use of brain imaging methodologies, biometrics and other technologies in assessing how consumers respond when presented with banking products and/or related stimuli. In particular, the comprehension of how information on a specific product/item is conveyed through different sensory modalities or media channels and influences decision-making processes represents a current challenge for neuroscientific research in the field of marketing. Original approaches in neuroimaging studies applied to social sciences, behavior, decision-making processes should, not simply, characterize the individual (social and personological) profile, behavioral and brain functional processes, but mainly look for potential predictive (bio)markers of individual choices or social outcome.

In particular, research activities regard:

  • experimental setup of behavioral and brain functional studies of consumers' response to specific marketing stimuli;
  • analysis of behavioral data using tools of big data analytics;
  • correlation of brain functional data with predictive indices of social behavior.
Formal requirements

Graduate Degree in management and economy. Research experience in economy, data management and big data analytics or related areas.

An excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English is required.


Ricerca collaborativa di nuovi modelli di profilazione cliente basati su Neuroscienze

Gross amount

13.638.48 €


1 year

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