Creation of the digital critical edition of Avicenna's Ilāhiyyāt

1 Research Collaborator position
(Deadline January 17th, 2019 12:00 )

Digital humanities, digital edition, text encoding,  text analysis, web applications


Collaboration for the creation of the digital critical edition of Avicenna's Ilāhiyyāt. Job tasks include:
- assistance to editors creating data lists to check the working in progress
- assistance to computer scientists in the analysis of texts and data, that is useful to development of tools and front end applications
- testing of tools, implemented for the project, and checking of data, archived in the system of the project
- updating of contents of the site
- monitoring of activities by means of statistical graphs



The candidate must have proved experience in the management and analysis of the text in the field of the digital humanities.
In particular, it is required excellent knowledge of:
- XML standards and in particular the TEI specifications
- regular expressions, SQL and XQuery to interrogate relational databases and XML data
- Spreadsheets
- CMS (Content Management System)

Formal requirements


•  long-standing experience in computational techniques of text processing and text modeling for digital humanities
•  master’s degree
•  knowledge of English, both written and spoken

Specific requirements
  • Digital humanist

“ERC Phibor - Philosophy on the Border of Civilizations and Intellectual Endeavours: Towards a Critical Edition of the Metaphysics (Ilahiyyat of Kitab al-Shifa’) of Avicenna (Ibn Sina); CUP: D61G18000240006; Codice progetto: P0123

Gross amount

10500 €


6 months

Job Research Area: 
Job Research Unit: 
Job Contract Type: 
Contratto di lavoro autonomo


Apply ONLINE only.
Before starting prepare the application attachments and information as listed below.


  • Personal info and contact info (compulsory)
  • Number of your Identity Document (Passport or Identity Card) (compulsory)
  • University degree and ongoing PhD (compulsory)


  • Your CV in English (compulsory)