Control Systems

1 Assistant Professor position
(Deadline June 19th, 2023 13:00 )

Automation, process control, control of dynamic systems, algorithmic game theory, control of uncertain systems, control of multi-agent systems


The researcher will carry out scientific activities within the Scientific Disciplinary Sector of "Systems and Control Engineering," related to methods and technologies for processing information (data and signals) aimed at the automation (i.e., planning, management, and control in an automatic way) of plants, processes, and dynamic systems in general, with a particular emphasis on methodological approaches such as control of multi-agent systems, uncertain systems, algorithmic game theory, and other rigorous approaches for control of dynamical systems.

The researcher will be expected to carry out teaching activities within the themes of the field, participating in the consolidation of the Computer Science and Systems Engineering scientific area of the School, contributing to the expansion of collaborations both internally, through multidisciplinary research initiatives, and externally with collaborations with international research groups, thus increasing the visibility of the School and its impact. He/she will also be expected to contribute to the mentoring and supervision of doctoral students and their doctoral training.


Having a willingness to collaborate with other areas of the School and with local, national, and international industrial entities will be considered a plus.

Formal requirements

PhD on topics related to Control Systems, or related fields.

Gross amount

Ricercatore tempo determinato (legge 240/2010 art. 24 comma 3 lettera b))

Scientific Sector


Job Research Unit: 
Job Contract Type: 
Ricercatore tempo determinato (legge 240/2010 art.24 comma 3 lettera b) ) - Tenure Track Assistant Professor
Full call


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Selection procedure and criteria

Selection procedure conditions are transparent and are based on international standards.


A Selection Committee, appointed by the Rector, assesses all applications on the basis online application info. Applicants selected on the basis of the preliminary analysis are interviewed at the Job Market Meetings in which the Institute is planning to participate, if applicable to the specific academic sector. Alternatively, individual interviews may also be conducted at IMT or by conference call. Travel expenses to Lucca for the interview will be reimbursed.

Selection Criteria

The evaluation criteria are based on: Quality of research activity, including publications in peer-reviewed journals and references; Research organization experience and participation in international/national research projects and research periods in public and private institutions (academic and non-academic); Relevance of the candidate's profile for the development of IMT's research activities; Teaching, mentoring and supervision experience; Motivation; Excellent knowledge of English, both written and spoken; As well as any other requirements as specified in the advertisement.


Apply ONLINE only.

Before starting prepare the application attachments and information as listed below.


  • Personal info and contact info (compulsory)
  • Number of your Identity Document (Passport or Identity Card) (compulsory)
  • University degree and Ph.D. (compulsory) 


  • Your CV in English (compulsory);
  • One research paper (published or working paper): compulsory.
    Shortlisted candidates will be asked to present this research paper in the final stage of the selection.
    Additional papers can be submitted for evaluation if desired (to be attached to your application in a single zip file where indicated in the online form). Please check the full call for further information about additional papers.