Complexity, resilience and sustainability of physical, biological, economic and ecological systems

2 Assistant Professor positions
(Deadline January 12th, 2023 13:00 )

Complex systems, sustainability, resilience, network science, data science


The successful candidate will carry out research within the NETWORKS unit, whose main focus is the study of the structure, dynamics and physics of networks emerging from the intricate interconnectedness of the constituents of large complex systems. The NETWORKS unit combines a theoretical approach, largely based on statistical physics, information theory, discrete mathematics and sustainability science, with a data-driven approach informed by the empirical properties of real-world complex networks, especially those naturally emerging in financial, economic, social, ecological, neural and biological systems. The successful candidate's activity is expected to fully integrate within the NETWORKS unit's research landscape and foster the further expansion of the latter. In particular, the successful candidate will contribute to ongoing projects focusing on the establishment of national and Europe-wide research infrastructures for the analysis and mining of Big Data in the social, economic and environmental domains. The research activity will address the agendas of the Italian National Research Plan (PNR), the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR) and the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI): in particular the complexity, evolution, resilience, metabolism and sustainability of cities, economies, infrastructures and ecosystems. Given the strong interdisciplinarity of the unit's research, a regular collaboration with national and international experts in various fields, especially mathematics, physics, computer science, neuroscience, biology, ecology, social science, economics and finance is expected. Co-supervision of PhD students will be possible.


We are looking for an excellent young scientist to carry out research on the complexity, resilience and sustainability of physical, biological, economic and ecological systems. Possible research topics include the complexity of real-world systems and networks, the resilience of financial and economic systems, the sustainability of cities, the stability and biodiversity of ecosytems, the efficiency and metabolism of biological and technological systems. We welcome a combination of mathematical, computational and data-driven approaches. The candidate has a multidisciplinary attitude and interest in acquiring knowledge from multiple scientific fields.

Formal requirements

PhD in a field related to the present call obtained in Italy or abroad. Curriculum with a suitable scientific background for carrying out research activity in the required field.

Gross amount

Ricercatore tempo determinato (legge 240/2010 art. 24 comma 3 lettera a))


3 years

Job Research Unit: 
Job Contract Type: 
Ricercatore tempo determinato (legge 240/2010 art.24 comma 3 lettera a) ) - Fixed term researcher

Selection procedure and criteria

Selection procedure conditions are transparent and are based on international standards.


A Selection Committee, appointed by the Director, assesses all applications on the basis online application info and - if provided - reference letters. Applicants selected on the basis of the preliminary analysis are interviewed at the Job Market Meetings in which the Institute is planning to participate, if applicable to the specific academic sector. Alternatively, individual preliminary interviews may also be conducted at IMT or by conference call. Travel expenses to Lucca for the preliminary interview will not be reimbursed. Shortlisted candidates are invited for a Job Market Presentation open to IMT faculty members and students. Travel expenses for the Job Market Presentation will be reimbursed.

Selection Criteria

The evaluation criteria are based on: Quality of research activity, including publications in peer-reviewed journals and references; Research organization experience and participation in international/national research projects and research periods in public and private institutions (academic and non-academic); Relevance of the candidate's profile for the development of IMT's research activities; Teaching, mentoring and supervision experience; Motivation; Excellent knowledge of English, both written and spoken; As well as any other requirements as specified in the advertisement.


Apply ONLINE only.

Before starting prepare the application attachments and information as listed below.


  • Personal info and contact info (compulsory)
  • Number of your Identity Document (Passport or Identity Card) (compulsory)
  • University degree (compulsory) and Ph.D. (obtained, or "ongoing")
  • Name, position, institution and email address of three referees (compulsory)
  • An email, with the appropriate instructions to upload the reference letters will be automatically generated and sent to your referees.


  • Your CV in English (compulsory);
  • One research paper (published or working paper): compulsory.
    Shortlisted candidates will be asked to present this research paper in the final stage of the selection.
    Additional papers can be submitted for evaluation if desired (to be attached to your application in a single zip file where indicated in the online form). Please check the full call for further information about additional papers.