Comparative analysis of network models and econometric models on international trade data

1 Research Project Grant position
(Deadline June 15th, 2022 13:00 )

The candidate has a MSc degree in physics, applied mathematics or in related disciplines, a strong exposure to complex systems science and experience in the study of complex networks, statistical physics and trade econometrics. The candidate has a multidisciplinary approach combining statistical physics, network science, and econometrics. Evidence of prior research in network modeling of the international trade system is a plus.


The candidate will carry out research in the field of network effects and peer effects in the context of international trade, through the analysis and comparison of alternative network models, ranging from statistical-physics models (such as maximum-entropy ensembles) to econometric models (such as the gravity model of trade). The research will involve both analytical approaches and data analysis. The expected objective is the identification of the most important local structural properties responsible for the overall network effects in the international trade system, and possibly the relationship between those properties and the main macroeconomic variables characterizing the nodes and links of the network (e.g. the Gross Domestic Product of countries and the geographic distances between them).


6 months

Gross amount

€ 7.671,64

Formal requirements


- MSc degree in physics, mathematics or similar;
- An excellent command of written and spoken English.

Specific requirements


- Evidence of post-graduate research experience in the analysis of international trade via network models is a plus. 


"PAI PROCOPE - Prosociality, Cognition and Peer Effects" codice P0139

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Borsa a progetto - Project fellowship


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