1 Personale a tempo indeterminato position
(Deadline August 7th, 2014 23:59 )

The successful candidate must be able to manage administrative activity about:

  • Recruitment of junior faculty (titolari di borse post laurea e di assegno di ricerca) in accordance with Italian law and IMT regulations.
  • Support to research projects management (i.e. FP7, Horizon 2020, SIR, etc.).

Military force can benefit from special reserve, in accordance with Italian law (rif. D. Lgs. 15 marzo 2010, n. 66 "Codice dell'ordinamento militare" in particolare art. 1014, commi 3 e 4 e art. 678 comma 9, in tema di riserve da destinare ai volontari delle Forze Armate).

Job Contract Type: 
Tempo Indeterminato - Permanent position
Job Org Entity: 
RPA - Research, Postgraduate studies and academic Assessment Office
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