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Quantitative Analysis and Modelling of Complex Economical and Financial Systems Job Market Seminar

On October 9th 2015 IMT will sponsor a seminar series featuring candidates for the Assistant Professor position in Quantitative Analysis and Modelling of Complex Economical and Financial Systems.

Candidates will present recent research papers.

Please find below the agenda of the research seminars open to students and IMT faculty, and to all who would like to attend.

All presentations will take place in Classroom 2 in the San Francesco Complex, Piazza San Francesco, 19.

NomeDaAUniversitàTitolo PresentazioneLuogo
Giulio Cimini 09:30 10:00 Institute for Complex System (CNR) Systemic Risk Analysis on Reconstructed Economic and Financial Networks
Fabio Saracco 10:00 10:30 Institute for Complex System (CNR) Randomizing bipartite networks: the case of the World Trade Web
Tiziano Squartini 10:30 11:00 Institute for Complex System (CNR) Early-warning signals of topological collapse in interbank networks
Shade Shutters 11:00 11:30 Institute for Complex System (CNR) Constrained pathways to a creative urban economy