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Giulio Pappa

Born in Catania in 1996, I graduated with honors in Storia, Politica e Relazioni Internazionali (2018), and I received with honors a MA in Global Politics and Euro-Mediterranean Relations (2020) and a MA in Storia e Cultura dei Paesi del Mediterraneo (2021), both from the University of Catania. My last final MA dissertation focused on the history of Circumetnea narraw-gauge railway comparing the local development of the Metropolitan Area of Catania between 19th Century and nowadays. 

I am a Ph.D. Student in the Management of Digital Transformation (MDT) Program, at the IMT School for Advanced Studies of Lucca. My Ph.D project "Local Roots and Digital Innovation for the Global Growth of Inner Areas and Urban Ecosystems" is cofunded by the Union of Garfagnana Municipalities and the Italian Territorial Cohesion Agency. The main aim of the Research Project is to promote inner area's development, focusing on digitalization, infrastructure upgrading, local cultural heritage valorization, and local entrepreneurship. My Supervisors are Professor Nicola Lattanzi and Dr Stefano Amato

My research interests are related to history of branch railways, inner area studies, and sustainable development.

From January 2024 I serve as a student representative for the Academic Senate.

From March 2024 I held the position of student representative in the Joint Students and Teachers Board (Commissione paritetica).