George Davidescu

About me

My background is in computer science and I have experience in complex systems, bioinformatics, systems biology, IT start-ups, banking security, palaeo-anthropology, and digital humanities. I work in the NETWORKS group at IMT Lucca, dedicated to the study of complex networks.

Research Interest

My main research interest is on optimization algorithms for smart grids and their resilience under various topological conditions.

Proposal Abstract: The smart grid is a concept for the next-generation power grid that will use ICT infrastructure to better administer power distribution and production. Whereas the traditional power grid is a  unidirectional, centralized, and hierarchical organization that carries power from a few central sources to many consumers, the smart grid is envisioned as an automated and distributed energy delivery network featuring a mutable topology, bi-directional energy flows, and the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources. Smart grids pose many challenges including: 1) the resilience and robustness of such a complex networked system 2) managing fluctuating power production from renewable energy sources, distributed storage and "prosumers", and 3) smart metering and optimal energy routing with respect to pricing, consumption, production and user preferences. I aim to address these challenges using a simulation-based approach that accounts for topological properties of the network, electrical properties of the grid and consumer demand.