Gabriele Ranco

I was born in Jesi (Ancona) and then I decided to go in Trieste to study Theoretical physics , because it was hard, but really fascinating. After that I looked for  a field  of research  where my studies could be usefull to me and the other people and I found it  in economics.
I believe that the purpose of economics is to find the best allocation of resources, while that of physics is the study of natural systems. It  is clear  that the purpose that the two disciplines want to reach  in the study of social systems are different, but nevertheless I think that more dialogue between disciplines can bring the physics to  development of new  analysis tools for the study of the  the complexity oand economics to achieve the lofty goals that want to reach.
 In this sense it is necessary that both economists and physicists study the two fields without  academic prejudices.

Research Interest

Minority Games

 Boltzmann Learning

 Stock Market

 Statistical physics

 Game Theory

 Inference process

 High frquency treading

 marjet micro structure

 complex systems