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Workshop Historicizing AIDS in Italy

10 giugno 2024
Sagrestia, Complesso San Francesco

This workshop marks the beginning of the Prin project 2022 "Historicizing AIDS: Policies, Rights, Discourses, and Memories in the Italian Case". It has been almost forty years since the first case of HIV/AIDS in Italy, yet a comprehensive account of the history of the disease and its wide-ranging impact on Italian society does not yet exist.

This project seeks to examine the trajectory of HIV/AIDS in Italy from the early 1980s to the present day, using a multidisciplinary approach that integrates perspectives from history, law, sociology, visual and media studies. The aim is to address the various interconnected issues related to the spread of the virus, including medical, political, ethical, and social aspects, and to consider the involvement of stakeholders such as healthcare institutions, patients and their support groups, volunteers, the scientific community, legal experts, and the mass media.