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TOFFEE Workshop #1

da 24 ottobre 2019 a 25 ottobre 2019
San Francesco Complex - Piazza San Francesco 19 (Cappella Guinigi)

TOFFEE (TOols for Fighting FakEs) is an internal project, funded by IMT School For Advanced Studies under the PAI (Progetto di Attività Integrate, Integrated Activity Project) program.

The ambition of TOFFEe is to overcome important limitations of existing social platforms, which often dedicate little attention to trustworthy interaction among peers and to reliability of information. The aim of the project is to increase people’s confidence on the data they get and about who they follow, while minimizing the risk of false information and malicious actions.

After its kick off meeting held on April 17, the TOFFEE crew is pleased to announce the first Workshop that will take place on October 24 - 25.
For more information visit the TOFFEE website.