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The Psychology of Human Values: Why They Explain Nothing

18 aprile 2024
4:00 pm
San Francesco Complex - Sagrestia

There are widespread beliefs that values (e.g., equality, helpfulness, wealth) differ substantially between people, with differences between numerous social categories, such as culture, gender, nationality, political views, religiosity, and social class. These assumptions create a polarized world in which people believe that their ideal world is being thwarted by other people’s values. Yet, evidence suggests that differences in values are not the problem. This presentation highlights international data showing strong similarities in values between diverse groups. Not only is there very high value similarity, introducing people to this similarity has the potential to increase outgroup positivity and optimism about solving societal challenges. Ongoing and planned research is considering the extent to which this evidence about value similarities may play a role in reducing polarization and increasing intellectual humility in debate.


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Gregory Maio, University of Bath