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The Conception of Divine Potency in the Cosmology of al-Kindī's Circle

9 febbraio 2024
4:00 pm
San Francesco Complex - classroom 2

The seminar will analyse passages from translations and adaptations produced in the circle of al-Kindī (9th century) in order to determine the crucial role played by the concept of divine potency in the elaboration of the Kindī-circle’s cosmology. Despite the relevant differences between the works of the circle of al-Kindī, the notion of divine power seems to be an important leitmotif. The presentation will focus on the Kindī-circle’s translations of Alexander of Aphrodisias and the ways in which Aristotle’s most important exegete of late antiquity was translated and transformed in order to be adapted in Islamic terms. The aim is to show the intersections between Hellenic philosophy and Islam in the formative stage of falsafa.


Join at: imt.lu/aula2

Giulio Navarra, University of Foggia