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Temporary organizing and temporality: stability and change in cultural and creative industries

da 4 ottobre 2018 a 5 ottobre 2018
San Francesco Complex, Piazza San Francesco 19
In this workshop, we aim to focus on temporary organizing in Cultural and Creative Industries and draw attention to the need for a profound reflection on the specific characteristics of the arts and heritage field in related research. We will discuss temporary organizing fundamentally as a different logic of organizing and change as constitutive of reality and the normal condition of organizational life (Tsoukas & Chia, 2002). In these discussions, we will bring academicians and prominent practitioners from the field together to develop an integrated approach, to trigger fruitful exchange and collaboratively define the gaps/needs in the literature and to hint at future research directions. We would like to attract both conceptual and empirical research able to increase our understanding of the ways in which cultural institutions are organized to achieve their programming choices and how they get engaged with their temporal, social and institutional settings through their projects. We are particularly interested in research that draws on theories from different disciplines and deploys diverse research methods.