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Summer School “Game Design meets Game Theory: Prototyping circular economies”

da 2 giugno 2023 a 10 giugno 2023
Complesso di San Francesco

We are pleased to inform you that the IMT School will host the"Game Design meets Game Theory: Prototyping circular economies” summer school, organized in collaboration between Game Science Research Center and the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin.

The school offers an intensive practice-oriented program in which interdisciplinary knowledge will merge into a project-based workshop.
There will be also "Game Jam" sessions, during which students will develop analog games by applying insights from game theory to issues about circular economy and sustainability.

Participating in this school will enable the students to acquire new skills, and enhance their skillset by collaborating on a joint project. Especially during the supplementary courses, participants will get new perspectives on game design and be enabled to develop game prototypes quickly.

More information about the school's organization and program can be found here.