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Shortest Paths in Graphs of Convex Sets

16 dicembre 2021
10:00 am
San Ponziano Complex - Conference Room

Given a graph, the shortest-path problem requires finding a sequence of edges with minimum cumulative length that connects a source vertex to a target vertex. In this talk I will consider a generalization of this classical problem in which the position of each vertex in the graph is a continuous decision variable, constrained to lie in a corresponding convex set. The length of an edge is then defined as a convex function of the positions of the vertices it connects. Problems of this form arise naturally in many areas; in this talk I will focus on applications to optimal control of hybrid systems and robot motion planning. The price for such a wide applicability is the complexity of this problem, which is easily seen to be NP-hard. Our main contribution is a strong mixed-integer convex formulation based on perspective functions. This formulation has a very tight convex relaxation and makes it possible to efficiently find globally-optimal paths in large graphs and in high-dimensional spaces.

Joint work with Jack Umenberger, Pablo Parrilo, and Russ Tedrake


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Tobia Marcucci - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)