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Reading the Deceptive Brain and Mind

da 16 marzo 2017 a 18 marzo 2017
Complesso di San Francesco - Cappella Guinigi
Is it possible to establish with confidence, nowadays, when a person is lying? Might we have, in the future, a lie detector capable to unmask the liars? Might such a lie detector enter the courts? Some of the major researchers on the complex mechanism of deception will introduce the most recent techniques that aim to detect the behavioral and biological markers of a prevaricator. Neuroimaging results will be presented, in addition to reaction time-based, event-related potentials, verbal statements analysis, eye movement experimental paradigms. The lie detection procedures look to be promising in the field of global security, as anti-terrorism measure and in cybersecurity. Research on deception, however, have to deal with the ethical issues of the brain and mind reading, namely the personal freedom of self-determination. To date, lie detection is still an unsolved issue.