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Perspectives on markets and privacy in crypto-finance

20 settembre 2019
11:00 am
San Francesco Complex - Classroom 1


This seminar features a selection of completed and ongoing research works at the intersection of economics and cryptocurrency technology. We will present ways to incorporate privacy in utility functions, which allow us to study the market price of anonymity in a setting inspired by Bitcoin. We present a model of the coin selection problem (i.e., which of many available transaction “outputs” in a wallet a user should spend at a point in time) as an inter-temporal tradeoff between maximizing privacy and minimizing transaction costs. The methods employed span economics (e.g., Shapley value) and computational logic (SMT – satisfiability modulo theories). Among the works in progress, we outline a law of one price for cryptocurrency mining including early empirical validation, and – time permitting – discuss issues of competition in economies governed by decentralized ledgers.

Rainer Böhme and Svetlana Abramova, University of Innsbruck