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Non-Cooperative Multilayer Network Formation (joint with Zhiwei Cui)

19 giugno 2024
2:00 pm
San Francesco Complex - Classroom 1

We study a model of non-cooperative network formation where players have to choose among identical platforms but may -at an additional cost- also use both. Players may only form (costly) links to other players who are on the same platform as they are. The presence of a link allows players to access information held by other players which in turn depends on their links. We employ this model to study conditions under which multiple platforms may be used. We highlight the importance of low multi-homing costs, two-way flow of information, and friction-less information transmission for such co-existence to occur. We further study a noisy myopic best-response process to emphasize that co-existence may also persist in the long run.


Join at: imt.lu/aula1

Simon Weidenholzer, University of Essex