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Model Repair for Probabilistic Systems

29 giugno 2011
Ex Boccherini - Piazza S. Ponziano 6 (Conference Room )
We introduce the problem of Model Repair for Probabilistic Systems as follows. Given a probabilistic system M and a probabilistic temporal logic formula φ such that M fails to satisfy φ, the Model Repair problem is to find an M that satisfies φ and differs from M only in the transition flows of those states in M that are deemed controllable. Moreover, the cost associated with modifying M’s transition flows to obtain M should be minimized. Using a new version of parametric probabilistic model checking, we show how the Model Repair problem can be reduced to a nonlinear optimization problem with a minimal-cost objective function, thereby yielding a solution technique. We demonstrate the practical utility of our approach by applying it to a number of significant case studies, including a DTMC reward model of the Zeroconf protocol for assigning IP addresses, and a CTMC model of the highly publicized Kaminsky DNS cache-poisoning attack.
Bartocci, Ezio