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How Big Data and Advanced Analytics are shaping tomorrow's business models

30 novembre 2016
San Francesco - Via della Quarquonia 1 (Classroom 2 )
Big Data and Advanced Analytics (BDAA) represent a significant opportunity for enterprises and organizations, and have already started to transform deeply business models. Indeed, understanding BDAA, its business implications and its required skills and capabilities will be a key competitive advantage for top performers in all industries. Based on these observations, McKinsey - a global management consulting firm that serves leading businesses, governments, non governmental organizations, and not-for-profits - has launched a dedicated Analytics practice, aiming at bringing to clients leading-edge expertise on BDAA, including data mining and machine learning. During the presentation, Alessio Botta (Partner leading the McKinsey Advanced Analytics Lab in Milan) and Elisa Piscitelli (Data Scientist) will: - Introduce McKinsey and, more specifically, McKinsey Analytics and the Advanced Analytics Milan Lab; - Present an overview on BDAA "use cases", i.e. real-world applications in different industries and corporate functions; - Deep dive on two success cases, one developed in the banking industry and the other in the search engines industry. The seminar will also be an opportunity to describe McKinsey Analytics recruiting program in Italy, in particular our open positions and the required profile. For further information, please visit: http://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/mckinsey-analytics/our-insights https://www.mckinsey.it/funzione/analytics https://www.kaggle.com/jobs/17435/mckinsey-company-advanced-analytics-specialist-milan-italy
Piscitelli, Elisa