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Hardware and Software Security Platforms

3 ottobre 2018
San Francesco - Via della Quarquonia 1 (Classroom 1 )
Nowadays, more and more services and applications need to be secured in order to guarantee the users' privacy, to prevent and handle the commercial and legal issues related to security threats, and to safeguard the business stakeholders. Software based security has been for long time considered as a 'good-enough' solution. Nevertheless the new digital era clarified that computer systems need something more to guarantee a proper level of protection and resilience. Although most of the investments have been redirected towards monitoring, detection and reaction strategies, prevention is still a mandatory layer to build solid cybersecurity foundations. In this regard, information security solutions do require to be implemented as a combination of hardware and software elements. In this session Blu5 Group will share the most effective hardware and software strategies, as delivered on the global market, showing real use cases based on SEcube(TM), a cutting-edge technology which provides the most advanced security-oriented hardware and software platform in a single chip.
Varriale, Antonio