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Il Gatto Grasso: using AFNI-FATCAT for DTI (and other) analyses

18 luglio 2017
San Francesco - Via della Quarquonia 1 (Classroom 2 )
I will describe tools in AFNI-FATCAT (Functional And Tractographic Connectivity Analysis Toolbox) that have the goals of: 1) determining networks of meaningful GM regions from FMRI (or other) data, 2) quantifying useful properties of these networks, 3) turning the GM regions into targets for tractography, 4) parcellating the WM skeleton among the meaningful targets, and 5) estimating quantitative properties of the WM-ROIs. There are also additional goals of helping to visualize the combination of DTI and other data (mainly via SUMA!); formulating reasonable processing pipelines from dicom files onward (integrating with tools such as dcm2niix, TORTOISE and FreeSurfer); and performing statistical analyses from a network point of view (using many tools in AFNI, such as Gang's 3dMVM and maybe new tools soon). So, this talk will cover many of these topics.
Taylor, Paul