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Fracture response of inelastic shells: a phase field approach

9 luglio 2024
4:00 pm
San Francesco Complex - classroom 1

Shells are present in many engineering applications with a strong impact on current technological developments and structures. One of the potential shell parametrizations is the so-called solid shell concept, that has been widely exploited in the last decades. This trend is mainly attributed to the relatively simple kinematic description of the shell in conjunction with the use of unmodified 3D material laws and the preclusion of rotational degrees of freedom. In this seminar, we present a comprehensive finite element implementation of solid shells incorporating: (i) the use of Enhanced Assumed Strain (EAS) and the Assumed Natural Strain (ANS) methods to prevent locking issues, (ii) the phase-field approach for modelling fracture events, and (iii) some representative inelastic material models. The applicability of the proposed numerical framework is shown via some representative examples.


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Josè Antonio Reinoso-Cuevas, University of Sevilla