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European Research Workshop in International Trade (ERWIT) 2022

da 22 giugno 2022 a 24 giugno 2022

The CEPR's European Research Workshop in International Trade (ERWIT) 2022, organised in cooperation with the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, will be held in Lucca from 22 to 24 June 2022. 

ERWIT is an annual workshop that brings together international economists from across Europe and key researchers from outside the region. The workshop disseminates the findings of recent research on international trade, and presentations often involve exploratory rather than finished papers. It provides a unique opportunity to discuss trade-related research in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Beata Javorcik - EBRD, University of Oxford and CEPR
Massimo Riccaboni - IMT School
Armando Rungi - IMT School

For further information visit this page.

On Thursday, June 23 at 5.30 p.m. in the Cappella Guinigi there will be a public event, a policy panel on "Global Firms, Digitalisation of Labour and Sustainability of Supply Chains". 
Please confirm here your participation in presence to this public event.
Simultaneous Italian/English and English/Italian translations will be provided on Zoom Platform.
If you wish to follow all the event in English/Italian you should use the link to enter the Zoom webinar using your PC/phone/tablet. You can select the English/Italian language and listen to the simultaneous translation with your headphones.

The event will be also live streamed on the School's Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.