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Conjoint Workshop with University of Virginia

23 maggio 2024
Cappella Guinigi | San Francesco Complex

IMT School recently signed an agreement with the UVA School of Data Science (UVA SDS), a pioneering institution at the University of Virginia dedicated to advancing the field of data science through cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovative education programs. UVA SDS and IMT School are working on a collaborative research effort aimed at advancing the frontiers of data science. Leveraging the complementary strengths of both institutions, this partnership seeks to foster interdisciplinary exchange, facilitate faculty and graduate student visits, and cultivate joint research initiatives across all disciplines.

On May 23 in the Cappella Guinigi, an in-person, conjoint workshop will allow researchers and scientists of both Institutions to meet and start sharing their research experiences.

For more information please find attached the program of the event.