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Auxetics and Shape Morphing Mechanical Metamaterials

25 febbraio 2019
2 pm
San Francesco Complex - Classroom 2

Auxetics defines a class of materials and structures that exhibit a negative Poisson’s ratio behaviour. Within several classes of materials, auxeticity is also accompanied with peculiar multifunctional properties, and that makes the negative Poisson’s ratio an interesting deformation mechanism around which to design mechanical meta materials platform. In this talk we will describe examples and prototypes of auxetic and shape morphing metamaterial concepts (composites, foams, lattices) and their mechanical and multifunctional performance. Special focus will be placed on Kirigami-based configurations with polymeric, shape memory and piezoelectric properties, double negative (stiffness and Poisson’s ratio) meta materials, meta-tensegrity designs, microwave and hygromorph metacomposites. 

Fabrizio Scarpa - University of Bristol