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AISC midterm conference 2019

da 22 maggio 2019 a 24 maggio 2019
San Francesco Complex - Piazza San Francesco 19

In recent years, the exploration of the cognitive and neurobiological foundations of rational behavior and decision-making has undergone significant changes and has raised methodological and theoretical challenges in many fields, including philosophy, psychology, economics, linguistics, computer science, and ethics. Cognitive neuroscience, behavioral economics, and other approaches like neuroeconomics and neuroethics are casting new light on traditional issues while also raising additional problems and questions.

We are interested in exploring questions such as: How can neuroscience inform research on phenomena such as social behavior, norms, and institutions? What can we learn about these phenomena from computational models? Which challenges do cognitive science raise to established theoretical frameworks, and what new paths do they open? How do cognitive and social sciences fields interact? Is there (or could there be) a common language through which the findings from one field can be made relevant to other disciplines? Are cognitive and social sciences incommensurable to some degree? Should psychology take the middle ground between brain data and social sciences, or can there be a direct ‘leap’ from brain to (economic, moral, etc.) behavior?