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Adversarial incorrect information injection in cyber-physical systems

20 marzo 2024
2:00 pm
San Francesco Complex - Classroom 2

Ambient monitoring through remote sensing is the first operation in cyber-physical systems to enable accurate decision-making by network intelligence. Persistence in an erroneous knowledge of the system state can therefore be harmful. The staleness and lack of accuracy about the system state are often quantified through a penalty function known as age of incorrect information (AoII). This penalty reflects that, to get fresh and accurate information, the network controller must perform system measurements at a sufficiently high rate compared to the measurement cost. In this talk, we consider a security scenario where an adversary may inject false data to make the information available at the network controller incorrect, which can only be contrasted by additional measurements. This results in a game played by strategic agents, for which we provide an equilibrium analysis and discuss the role of different system parameters.


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Leonardo Badia, University of Padua