Bassma Abou El Fadl


 Academic Qualifications:

- 2011/Present Time: Currently Student for PhD Management and Development of Cultural Heritage 

(IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy).

- 2010: Attended the International Summer School in Conservation of Historical Monumental and Archaeological Sites , University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Rome .Awarded a Certificate in “Conservation of Historical, Monumental and Archaeological sites”.

- 2008/2009: International Masters in Economics and Administration of Cultural Heritage, organised by Scuola Superiore di Catania - Università degli Studi di Catania, Italy Completed with an overall grade 66 out of 70.

- 2008: Pre-Master degree in Urban Design and Community Development, Cairo University with an overall "Very Good‟.

- 2002/2007Bachelors in Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Completed with Average Accumulated grade rate 5years : Very Good with Honours.

Graduation project result:Distinction (97%), Ranking 2nd ,Supervisor: Prof Ali Gabr.

- 2000/2002: New Orouba Language School, Cairo Egypt, Awarded the General Secondary Certificate with 97%.

Teaching and Research Experience:

- June2010 : Presented a Paper in “Heritage 2010” – 2nd International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development, Évora, Portugal. Under the topic Heritage and economics. The paper title “Implementation of intangible cultural heritage to achieve sustainable development strategy: in autonomous cultural district ”.

- June 2010: Published the paper in HERITAGE 2010, Volume2, "Heritage and sustainable Development", Published by Green Lines Institute .

- 2008: Teaching Assistant (full time) in Misr International University, Architectural Engineering Department.

- 2008: Researcher Assistant for PhD student in Sheffield University (UK) on dissertation entitled "Social Sustainability in the Cairene “Harrah” (Alley)".

- 2007: Teaching Assistant / Instructor of "Housing and Site Planning Course"– Arab Academy of Science and Technology.


Work Experience and training:

- EQI Environmental Quality international 2010/2011

Position Title: Architect and Cultural Heritage Management Specialist

Project: Under the supervision of Architect Serge Santelli ,Rehabilitation of a historical district in Islamic Cairo trying to distinguish all its potentials of the place to satisfy elite cultural tourism . Preserve the region‟s assets and unique cultural heritage.

Key Qualification: Technical Work:

 Prepare sketch drawings, production drawings and detailed drawings.

 Working on 3D models for imagining newly proposed building and their integration within the historical urban fabric.

 Preparing and coordinating the presentation with the chief architect.

 Detail design and project implementation including historic monuments and residential buildings with concern to cultural landscapes.

 On sites, inspecting and surveying historic sites and building.

Management Work:

Team Coordinator Supervising the work of a French group of intern architects with regards to urban and historical. Architectural aspect.

 Compiling Historical and cultural data through Communicating IFAO Institute French Archeology, ARCE American research center in Egypt, AUC American university in Cairo rare books, The Citadel archive center, ministry of culture, The Egyptian General Survey Authority, and Aga khan conservation architects.

 Identification of tangible and intangible cultural assets. Work out the heritage value of objects .

 Provide advices on project design or activities that may affect cultural heritage places.

 Contacting SCA and the ministry of culture checking the legislations for dealing with the current state.

- SERGE SANTELLI ARCHITECTE D.P.L.G. Paris , May till August 2010 , A Phase in Paris office for Finalizing the surveys done on site in Cairo and implementing proposals.

- UNESCO Rome, June till August, 2009, An internship at the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, Rome, "Intangible Cultural Heritage Department".

- GTZ Organization,2008, I participated with GTZ organization in the rehabilitation program of "Abo Atata" Urban Areas, Bolak el Dakroor, Egypt. On site conducting urban and social surveys and working on alternatives for redesign.

- Dr. Mona Zakareya Office, 2006, Training period in Dr. Mona Zakaria architectural and restoration office.


- 2005 Housing and Development Bank Competition, Hosted by the University of Cairo, Egypt,  working groups designing and presenting several housing units for diverse economic standards.

Scholarships & Awards

- Scuola Superiore di Catania - Università degli Studi di Catania, Italy, December 2008-December 2009, International Masters in Economics and Administration of Cultural Heritage full scholarship.

- IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy: March, 2011 - March , 2014 PhD full scholarship.

Technical skills:

AutoCAD, Sketch Up, Photoshop, Windows OS , Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, Publisher).

Further courses:

- July 2008: Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education workshop held by the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education in Egypt.


- Bilingual in English and Arabic.

- Proficient in Italian.


- 2010: Workshop to Siwa oasis, by The Siwa Environmental Quality Initiative (EQI) exploring Adere Amellal, Shali lodge, ecotourism activities, organic agriculture products, in harmony with its sensitive environment and that revitalizes its unique cultural heritage. Following the process for building typology, construction traditional techniques and the preparation of materials made of sun dried salt mud and sand (Kershef ) to be used in construction .

- February2010: Presentation in CULTANT (The Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage) about “The Pivotal role of Intangible cultural heritage in sustainable development strategy for autonomous cultural district.

- 2009: Attended the ICCROM conference in Rome , "Recent Archaeological researches in Angkor, Cambodia", Architect Jacque Bauchez .

- Aprtil 2009: Attended “Role of the International community in the development of management systems for cultural heritage” conference by the General Director of the International Centre for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), Dr. Mounir Bouchenak, Syracuse, Italy .

- August 2009: Site visit to The Italian European Commission and representation during being an UNESCO trainee .

- August 2009, Site visit to the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament, Palazzo Montecitorio, Rome.

- 2005- 2007: Attended the 2nd, 3rd and 4th International Architectural Conferences, organized by Cairo University, Egypt

- March 2007: Organizational Member of the 4th International Architecture Conference, Cairo University.