Antonio Bucchiarone

Antonio Bucchiarone received is first master degree in Computer Science from the University of L'Aquila (Italy) - in April  2003 and the second in  Information  Technologies from University of Pisa (Italy) in October 2005. He is a PhD Student at IMT ‑ Institutions, Markets, Technologies Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies  since 2005 and he is a collaborator of ISTI-CNR of Pisa. Antonio's research interests are in dynamic software architecture-based development
and analysis
techniques of global computing systems. From April 2007 he is working at Nokia Siemens Networks of Lisbon,  involved in a Research Project named "SWARCES" - Software Architecture for Embedded System. The Objective of the project is the development of a component/service -based software architecture for a Multi-Service Access Network Element (MSAN) system.


[10-10-07] At you can find the main papers and links of Dynamic Software Architectures Modeling and Design research topic. 

[18-07-07] The paper Web Service Composition Approaches: From Industrial Standards to Formal Methods is been selected as Best Paper at ICIW 2007 International Conference