Alessandro Maggi





About Me

I am a PhD candidate at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca belonging to the SysMA research unit.
I have a broad scientific background consolidated through a Bachelor degree in Physics and one in Computer Engineering, which finally lead me to focus on the latter with a Master degree in Computer Engineering obtained in 2013 at Sapienza University of Rome.

Beyond Academia I have several personal interests, the main ones being journalism and photography, which I have also experienced from a professional standpoint.

Research Interests

My main research interest is on formally grounded software engineering techniques supporting correct-by-construction and provably-correct design. Recently I have been focusing on the rigorous analysis of the relation between architecture-centric approaches (e.g. Architecture Description Languages) and composition-centric ones (e.g. process calculi).
Within this scope, I have been working with my Advisor, Prof. R. De Nicola, and collaborating with Prof. J. Sifakis in order to develop a variation of the BIP (Behaviour Interaction Priority) framework with a scalable set of features to be used both as a modeling language and as a reference formalism to evaluate the expressiveness of other coordination-based formalisms.

In the context of communication-based languages and formal analysis, I have also worked on the definition of Twitlang, a language formalizing interactions on the social network "Twitter". My main contribution to this work has been in the development of the Twitlanger interpreter using the Maude System, as well as its integration with the Maude LTL Model Checker.