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Ennio Bilancini


I am full professor of economics at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca.

I obtained my PhD in Economics from the University of Siena, with a thesis on social economics and game theory. I have been visiting University of Alicante, University Carlos III of Madrid, TINT Center of Excellence of Helsinki, Santa Fé Institute in New Mexico. 

I am the director of the PhD program in Economics, Analytics and Decision Sciences at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca.

I am the director of the GAME Science Research Center

I am member of AXES and founder of the BEE group @ IMT


I currently teach Behavioral Economics, Game Theory and Evolutionary Game Theory at the PhD in Economics, Analytics and Decision Sciences. I have held courses in History of the Economic Theory, Industrial Organisation, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Cognitive and Experimental Economics, Game Science, Economics of Organizations. 


I have conduct in the areas of cognitive and behavioral economics, (evolutionary) game theory and game science, bradly intended. I am currently involved, or have been involved, in research projects regarding social norms, health behaviors, health communication, game-based learning, policy evalution, subjective well-being, social welfare, sustainable development, industrial take-off, evolution of behaviors and social interactions. 

I am currently interested, and prompt to supervise students, in:

  • the evolution and determinants of prosocial behavior
  • evolutionary selection of game equilibria
  • measurement of strategic skills and bounded rationality
  • dual process interactive decision-making
  • economics of social status and social norms
  • social determinants of subjective well-being
  • game-based learning and games for social chance
  • behavioral ecological economics
  • health policy and behaviors
  • nudging & boosting
  • conflict resolution