Valentine Lomellini

Since 2009, Valentine Lomellini is Researcher Fellowship at the Department of International Relations at the University of Padua. On April 2009, she earned a PHD in Political System and Institutional Changes at the Institute of Advanced Studies IMT in Lucca.

For the PHD thesis, she has achieved the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic - Spadolini Award. She has also got the Simone Veil Grant in 2009 from the Academia Europea de Yuste (Spain) and a mention in the Gallerano Award,  from the Istituto romano per la storia d'Italia dal fascismo alla Resistenza.

She has just published a book, partial outcome of her dissertation: "L'appuntamento mancato. La sinistra italiana e il dissenso nei regimi comunisti, 1968-1989", in the series "Quaderni di storia", directed by Fulvio Cammarano, Le Monnier, Firenze.

Her second book - "Les relations dangereuses. The French Left and the human rights issue", is forthcoming for P.I.E. Peter Lang - Berna, Bruxelles.

Lomellini is currently working on a publication about the Italian Communist Party and the United States during the '70s-'80s with Antonio Varsori.

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Research Interest

Her research interest concerns the Western Left's international relations, particularly regarding those towards the Soviet Union, the United States and those within the Western Left itself, between the ‘60s and the ‘80s.