Giulia Cancellieri

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I received my PhD  in Management Science at IMT School for Advanced Studies, Lucca. I am currently working as a Research Assistant at Bocconi University where I am participating in the European project ITSSOIN/ Impact of the third sector as social innovation. I was a visiting Research Scholar at Ross School of Business, University of Michigan (Strategy department) and a Teaching Assistant at SDA Bocconi School  of Management. 
My research focuses on the economic, political and organizational drivers of innovation in nonprofit organizations, with a particular focus on the field of culture & arts. My research falls into two broad streams: the first examining how economic forces and political pressures affect innovation strategies and the second considering the impact of organizations’ status and identities on their willigness to innovate.

My papers have been accepted for presentation at several international conferences including the Academy of Management Annual Conference (AOM, 2015), the Strategic Management Society Annual Conference (SMS, 2015) and the International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC, 2013, AIMAC, 2015). 

Before and during my PhD I wrote several articles on arts management and public policy for the arts which have been published and presented at several international conferences. In 2013 and in 2015 I received the best conference paper awards from AIMAC  (International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management). I am a reviewer for the OMT Division of the Academy of Management and for the International Journal of Arts Management. I served as a chair for the 35th Strategic Management Society Annual Conference. 


Selected Publications and Conference Presentations: 

Cancellieri, G., Turrini, A. 2016. The Phantom of Modern Opera: How Economics and Politics Affect Opera Houses’ Programming Strategies. International Journal of Arts Management, 18(3): 25-36.

Cancellieri, G., Riccaboni, M. 2015. From La Bohème to La Wally: How Organizational Status Affects the (Un)conventionality of Opera Repertoire. Accepted for Presentation at:

  • the 75th Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, August, 2015;
  • the 35th Strategic Management Society Annual Conference (SMS), Denver Colorado, October, 2015;
  • the 31st European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOSColloquium, Athens, Greece, July, 2015.

 (An old version of this article has been published as a EIC working paper # 5/2015, ISSN: 2279-6894).

Cancellieri, G. 2016 Giving La Traviata a Contemporary Twist? How Unconventionality and Network Closure Affect the Success of Innovation through Hybrids. Accepted for presentation at:

  • the  76th  Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM), Anaheim.
  • the Strategic Management Society Special Conference (Rome, 2016).


Cancellieri, G. 2015. Strategic Practices and Italian Opera Houses’ Performance: the Innovation Dilemma. Mercati e Competitività, 3: 39-59.

Cancellieri, G., and Turrini, A. 2015. Le Cultural Factoris tra Iconicità e Management: un Benchmarking Europeo. Economia & Management (Egea, Bocconi). Volume 5, Ottobre/Novembre. Dossier Istituzioni culturali, venti di riforma.

Cancellieri, G., Turrini, A. 2015. Undertanding the Profile of Omnivorous Music Consumers: Cultural Voracity vs. Taste Eclecticism. In the 13th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC), Marseille, France, June, 2015. Winner of the Best Conference Paper Award.