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Academic Senate

The Academic Senate provides opinions regarding the educational programs and research.
It is composed by:

  • the Director, who presides over it;
  • seven permanent professors of the IMT School; full and associate professors are eligible to vote in their election;
  • two representatives elected by the researchers of the IMT School, with a two-year term of office; all permanent and fixed-term researchers whose contract has a residual duration corresponding to at least that of the mandate are eligible to run and vote in the election;
  • a representative from the IMT School students, elected according to the procedures set forth in the pertinent regulations, with a two-year term of office. Students enrolled in programs whose ordinary residual duration is at least two academic years are eligible to run and vote in the election. The recording secretary duties are assigned to the Administrative Director or his or her delegate.

Current members, in accordance with the Statute in effect until July 13, 2019