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Call for Applications 2020/2021: Candidates admitted to the interview

Applicants are evaluated by a Selection Committee on the basis of past academic performance (grades) and background, scientific relevance and aptitude to research within the selected Track, and any other additional pertinent data submitted in the application (such as scientific publications, if any). While ranking of applicants is mostly driven by academic achievement, scientific pertinence is also taken into consideration for admission.

The candidates that pass the initial assessment of the applications will be invited for an interview with the selection committee, either in person at the IMT campus, or via standard internet videoconference, or through any other procedure allowing visual contact with the candidates and viewing of their identity document. Candidates with no access to videoconferencing facilities can conduct the interview at an Italian embassy or consulate.

During the evaluation process, in rare circumstances, the selection committee may propose a different Track from the one chosen by the candidate.

Equal opportunities are ensured to all candidates throughout the evaluation process.

Candidates admitted to the PhD Programs have 5 days to accept or decline the position and are invited to communicate their decision emailing