The CSSLab (Laboratory of Computational Social Science) is home to research projects aiming at developing innovative mathematical models and computational tools to better understand, anticipate and control massive social phenomena with a complex systems approach. Our aim is to develop data-driven computational models of complex socio-cognitive systems


PhD Students

Visiting Students


CSSLab activities focus on developing data-driven models for the spread of information and opinions; studying social human behavior; modeling the evolution of complex social and technological networks.

  • Prediction (and Control) of mass social dynamics: How to optimize the node/information placement over a network to speed up consensus, innovation diffusion, social contagion
  • Misinformation: The diffusion of rumors and unsubstantiated claims in online social media
  • Algorithm and Metrics for Dynamic Networks: Dynamic metrics on graphs to understand complex phenomena (contagion, involvement, community formation, etc)
  • Social Synchronization: Social Response to Global Events (terrorism, pandemics etc) in different environment of the Web (twitter, facebook, youtube, wikipedia, main stream media)

Visit http://csslab.imtlucca.it/