Admission to the PhD Program

Call for Applications 2017/18 [ English, Italian ]
Update 1
: Extension of application period to July 31st 2017, 6:00 pm CEST [ Italian ]
Update 2: Re-organization and re-opening of the Call for Applications with new deadline of August 9th 2017, 3pm CEST [ Italian ]

Academic Requirements

Admission to IMT's PhD program is competitive on an international level, with evaluation mainly focusing on past academic performance (grades) and scientific relevance to the selected curricula. First and foremost, however, certain basic formal requirements must be met before candidates are eligible to apply. Namely, applicants must have completed and obtained a degree equivalent to at least 4 years of university studies. (Students in their final year of undergraduate study may be admitted on the condition that their bachelor's degree is awarded before they enroll at IMT.)

Applications are open to candidates without regard to nationality, age, gender or religion. Proficiency in English is compulsory as research and teaching are conducted in English. No knowledge of Italian is requested. Candidates must apply via the online application form by the deadline set in the Call for Applications (August 09th, 2017 at 15:00 Italian time).

Formal requirement

A university degree of at least 4 years or full time equivalent. For an Italian degree, a "Laurea Magistrale" (or "Specialistica") or a "Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento". For foreign degrees, eligibility will be assessed by the PhD Selection Committee.

Applicants obtaining their degree by no later than October 31st, 2017 can also apply.

For any additional questions, please contact the PhD office directly.