The Scientific Boards are coordinated by the Director of the IMT School and are responsible for course coordination and the management of students' progression through the key steps of programs.

For the 2017/18 Academic Year, the Scientific Boards members are:

    PhD Program in Cognitive and Cultural Systems

  • Prof. Pietro Pietrini (Full Professor of Clinical Bichemistry and Molecular Biology, IMT Lucca)
  • Prof. Alberto Bemporad (Full Professor of Control Systems, IMT Lucca)
  • Dr. Linda Bertelli (Assistant Professor in Visual Studies of Science, IMT Lucca)
  • Dr. Raffaele Bruno (Researcher, Institute of Informatics and Telematics - CNR)
  • Prof. Guido Caldarelli (Full Professor of Theoretical Physics, IMT Lucca)
  • Prof. Lorenzo Casini (Full Professor of Administrative Law, IMT Lucca)
  • Prof. Maria Luisa Catoni (Full Professor of Ancient Art History and Archaeology, IMT Lucca)
  • Dr. Gustavo Cevolani (Assistant Professor in Logic and Philosophy of Science, IMT Lucca)
  • Prof. Irene Crimaldi (Associate Professor of Statistics, IMT Lucca)
  • Prof. Rocco De Nicola (Full Professor of Computer Science, IMT Lucca)
  • Prof. Marco Paggi (Full Professor of Structural Mechanics, IMT Lucca)
  • Prof. Emanuele Pellegrini (Associate Professor of Art History, IMT Lucca)
  • Prof. Massimo Riccaboni (Full Professor of Economics and Management, IMT Lucca)
  • Prof. Emiliano Ricciardi (Associate Professor in Psychobiology and Psychophysiology, IMT Lucca)
  • Prof. Mirco Tribastone (Associate Professor of Computer Science, IMT Lucca)

    PhD Program in Systems Science