PhD Programs Coursework

The course offerings have been designed with a twofold purpose. First, to assure through introductory courses that all students have the necessary scientific skillset. Second, to guarantee the appropriate training in each specific discipline and to introduce students to the state-of-the-art results in the corresponding field through core and advanced courses. To instill a broader cross-field standpoint, some of them are accessible to students in other tracks/curricula. In addition to courses, the program is enriched by laboratories and long seminars that are offered to transmit highly-specific and avant-garde concepts and, at the same time, be accessible to a wide student audience.

Each student must construct a personal study plan with his/her Advisor, drawing from the entire range of course offerings, long seminars and laboratories, to best suit his or her background and research interests.

All courses, long seminars and laboratories can be with or without final examination: students have to agree with their Advisors upon the activities with exams (and then sit them according to the indications of the lecturers).

To display and download the course offering for each track, follow the links below:

This is the complete list of IMT course offerings (abstracts can be accessed clicking on the course title).

Tabella 1: List of IMT courses
    Computer Science Systems Science Image Analysis Computer Management Sciences      
Advanced Topics of Computer Science ADV            
Advanced Topics of Control Systems ADV            
Advanced Topics of Image Analysis ADV            
Advanced Topics of Management Science ADV            
Algorithmics INT INT          
Basic Numerical Linear Algebra INT INT INT INT INT    
Cloud Computing for Big data Analysis ADV ADV ADV ADV      
Computational Contact and Fracture Mechanics ADV    
Computational Finance ADV ADV ADV ADV      
Computer Programming and Methodology INT INT INT INT INT    
Convex Optimization ADV ADV ADV ADV      
Data Science with Complex Networks ADV ADV ADV ADV ADV    
Formal Methods for Computer Science INT            
Intellectual Property and Management of Research (long seminar)
Introduction to Networks Theory INT INT INT INT INT INT  
Large Scale Image Analysis for Natural and Life Sciences ADV            
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition ADV ADV ADV        
Management ADV ADV ADV ADV      
Management (Basics) INT INT INT INT INT    
Mobile and online social networking ADV ADV          
Model Checking ADV ADV ADV        
Model Predictive Control ADV ADV ADV ADV      
Modelling and Verification of Reactive Systems ADV ADV          
Networks Theory ADV ADV ADV ADV ADV    
Numerical Methods for the Solution of PDEs ADV ADV ADV ADV ADV    
Optimal Control INT INT INT INT INT    
Principles of Concurrent and Distributed Programming ADV ADV ADV        
Quantitative Finance ADV ADV ADV ADV      
Scientific Writing, Dissemination and Evaluation (long seminar)
Software Engineering for Service-Oriented and Autonomic Systems ADV ADV          
Timed Automata and Logics for Real-Time Systems ADV ADV          
Advanced Topics in Econometrics CORE            
Econometrics I ADV CORE          
Econometrics II ADV CORE          
Economic Growth & Development CORE            
Endogenous Innovation and Credit Cycles (long seminar) ADV            
Essentials of Calculus INT INT INT INT INT    
Foundations of Probability Theory INT INT INT INT INT    
Game Theory ADV ADV ADV CORE      
Innovation and Industrial Dynamics CORE            
Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Stochastic Processes INT INT INT INT INT    
Introduction to Stochastic Control Theory and Applications ADV ADV ADV        
Macroeconomics I CORE            
Macroeconomics II CORE            
Microeconomics CORE            
Political Economy CORE            
States and Markets CORE CORE          
Statistics Lab INT INT INT INT INT    
Time Series CORE            
Topics in Political Economy CORE            
Arts and Politics (the course includes research field trips) CORE            
Contextual Analysis and Individual Objects: Arts, Sciences, Techniques, Beliefs (the course includes research field trips) CORE            
Culture and Arts: Economic Analysis and Public Policy (the course includes research field trips) CORE            
Data Analysis and Machine Learning Approach applied to Cultural Heritage (long seminar) CORE            
Designing the Cultural Experience: 3D Graphics for Cultural Heritage (long seminar) CORE            
History of Western Modern Art: The Rise of a New Pictorial Language between Mannerism and Baroque (long seminar) CORE            
Images, Theory of Action, Rationality (long seminar) CORE            
Legislation on Cultural Heritage and Landscape CORE            
Management of Complex Systems: Approaches to Problem Solving CORE      
Models of Organization of Cultural Institutions CORE            
Museology (the course includes research field trips) CORE            
Museology 2 (the course includes research field trips) CORE            
Project Management INT            
Sociological Analysis of Culture (long seminar) CORE            
Advanced Topics of Political History ADV            
Empires CORE            
Ethics and Research: Objectivity, Neutrality and Values in Science (long seminar)
History and Theories of International Relations CORE            
History and Theory of Historiography CORE            
History of Globalisation (long seminar) CORE            
Methods and Languages CORE            
Religions and Their Political Impact CORE            
Revolutions CORE            
Theories of Political Development CORE